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Never take a risk of relying on others to determine your safety. Safety starts with YOU! To ensure a safe swinging relationship, be certain your relationship is a solid strong one and that you are swinging for all the right reasons. Sexually speaking, practice safe sex. Use condoms as well as skin barriers for protection. Always think for yourself and never allow others to persuade you.

"Tossing a salad" sexually speaking, is the act of licking the anal opening. Some also consider this to be a form of "rimming"

There is no one like you. When filling out an adult dating profile, say something about your non-sexual passionsyour job, your volunteerism, your hobby, your art. Its good to have something to talk about when your just recovering from marathon sex. A tree-hugging-dirt-worshiper probably doesn't have anything pleasant to say to paper mill owner!

If you want your sex personals profile to be effective you must realize that sex is a vehicle. The destination is up to you. You can use sex as an art, a sport, a path to enlightenment, a ritual, a sacrament, an ego pig-out or a weapon, just to name a few. The important thing to know is what is it for you and are you articulating your wants/need/desires to the person/persons you are asking to get into the vehicle with you. So, know yourself. Be honest. Be real. Just being polite or nice doesn't work. Being nice is like faking orgasm, it benefits no one. Being real is more likely to help you and your partners fulfill their innermost desires. Then, remember to be kind. We are all different and when we honor each other's differences we make the world a better place.



~ Miranda

party real swinger


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