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Most clubs don't allow single males and if they do they only allow them on certain nights. Check out the swingers clubs listed on the net and contact them individually for their rules and regulations.

Swinging IS NOT all about sex ALL the time. Being a swinger does not indicate that all we do is have sex in a crowded room with nude bodies all around us. But when we do swing/ engage in sexual encounters with others, it's for recerational sex only. Couples do not seek the qualities in partners that we once searched for in our spouse, that has been found and cannot get any better. In connecting with potential swinging partners I agree that attraction is important but, comes in many forms. Swinging places very few limits on you so why limit yourself to only those whom have always captured your attention? There is a HIGE variety of people who swing, all with an enormous array of traits to offer. Being too picky and superficial only limits you. If you close your mind to variety you are missing all the bells and whistles as well as the concept of swinging.

When considering the lifestyle, the first step is to be sure that you both are fully aware of your desires in what you are seeking. Set guidelines as to what you will and will not be comfortable sharing with others. Seek others who are seeking the same and take it slowly from there.

A polyamorous couple is a couple who adds others to their lives for not only recreational sex. There is more of an emotional attachment/love between all involved. Although there are many polyamorous swingers, practicing in polyamory one should be aware of the different guidelines that may not apply to basic swinging.



~ Miranda

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