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Swinging is a social activity. Ordinary social customs of being polite, initiating conversations, being a good listener, and the ability to form friendships are all needed characteristics to enjoy your Swing Cub experience. Before you go, discuss the desired outcome of the evening with your partner. Are you comfortable saying yes and if one says know will your partner back you up and not try to coerce you? What sort of safety precautions will you take? Be prepared. Don't rely on someone else to guard your life. If you have friends who attend a club, try to go with them a few times. It will help you to not be nervous.

The swingers lifestyle allows you to have sexual variety in the context of a happy marriage; promotes the desirability of each in the eyes of the other; removes the betrayal of deceit; provides sexual opportunities not available to singles; thereby, removing a major cause of break-ups. As you provide each other with their deepest fantasies, swingers can and do make their marriages stronger.

All women have the capability to squirt. Noticing the "feeling" and relaxation may be what is actually keeping her from doing so. It has been said that women do not ejaculate, that the fluid we pass is urine. It has been proven that although female ejaculate is produced in the urethra, it does not contain any trace of urine. It is colorless, ordorless and does not stain. Being a squirter myself, I have witnessed this colorless,odorless substance and the euphoric sensation it gives me in releasing it. Allow me to share with you the technique that works well in getting me there. Of course, we begin with foreplay. Much clit stimulation and finger insertion to greatly heighten my arousal. We then get into the doggie style position. This position enables him to very slowly massage just the inside of my vagina with his penis. Slow, even, steady strokes. I know that I am getting close to squirting when I feel a very strong urge to urinate. This is where relaxation is key. I relax and my knees buckle as I squirt and float to the clouds. I do not achieve this awesome feeling every time and thus far, only my husband has been able to get me there (Well one other swinging partner has gotten me there and we all were pleasantly surprised LOL) she may be the same way. It may take some practice, some exploration to determine what works best for her. She should always empty her bladder before trying. If nothing else, this will ease her mind and help her to relax when she gets that urge to urinate. When she does feel this urge,she needs to relax, not just her mind but her whole body. She should simply relax and tell herself..." What the hell, I'm letting go! If I squirt, I squirt. If it's urine, it's urine. Either one will clean up." You will both probably discover that she had just encountered her first squirting experience.

"The Lifestyle", for many couples, increases happiness and contentedness in their relationship as well as a better awareness of themselves and their spouse. Many couples in the lifestyle also report more closeness, less role playing, and a more equal partnership.

If someone you swings with starts to have feelings for you, first you certainly would tell your spouse/partner! You must always maintain an open, honest communication within your relationship. I would not only tell this "too attached" swinging partner that it's inappropriate, I would also tell them that you do not share those feelings, that you have told your spouse/partner and that you will no longer be swinging with them. You may want to stay friends but I would advise you to place distance between you and them. This kind of situation happens much more often than many of us may realize. Those not into polyamory do not accept this while swinging but there are many polyamorous swingers. For you in this situation, simply move on.

A polyamorous couple is a couple who adds others to their lives for not only recreational sex. There is more of an emotional attachment/love between all involved. Although there are many polyamorous swingers, practicing in polyamory one should be aware of the different guidelines that may not apply to basic swinging.

"The Lifestyle", for many couples, increases happiness and contentedness in their relationship as well as a better awareness of themselves and their spouse. Many couples in the lifestyle also report more closeness, less role playing, and a more equal partnership.



~ Miranda

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