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Swingers are a forward thinking bunch. They look around at the way most people conduct their lives and choose to think for themselves. They choose intimacy and connection with others. They choose pleasure and sharing their lives with others. I appreciate that.

First please allow me to say that becoming involved in the swinging lifestyle seeking something that a spouse isn't capable of giving, will not give or thinks he/she cannot give is risky and is swinging for ALL the wrong reasons. You both need to communicate and understand this. This alone is a basis for halting your swinging activities. Try to make him understand that you do not feel a need to be "taken care of" that the pressure to perform is becoming overwhelming for you. Communicate together on techniques that can be learned to enhance your intimacy together. There are many solutions leading to sexual pleasure in dealing with health issues. Seek those solutions together and help him to gain his self esteem back. Swinging is the very last thing that your relationship needs at this point. Allow him to see this forum, hopefully it will assist in helping him to understand your feelings.

The swingers lifestyle allows you to have sexual variety in the context of a happy marriage; promotes the desirability of each in the eyes of the other; removes the betrayal of deceit; provides sexual opportunities not available to singles; thereby, removing a major cause of break-ups. As you provide each other with their deepest fantasies, swingers can and do make their marriages stronger.



~ Miranda

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