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My Swingers Experienceblack sex club


There is no one like you. When filling out an adult dating profile, say something about your non-sexual passionsyour job, your volunteerism, your hobby, your art. Its good to have something to talk about when your just recovering from marathon sex. A tree-hugging-dirt-worshiper probably doesn't have anything pleasant to say to paper mill owner!

When dealing with uncut men, I always take more caution to pull the fore skin back with my hand to expose his crown/head. It's my understanding that uncut men are more sensitive around the head and rim. I always be sure that the stimulation I give him in that area isn't too much and that he is comfortable. I am always sure that my lips and mouth are dripping with saliva as I plasure him orally, the skin becomes very tight and I certainly do not want to rub him raw. The technique isn't that different from giving oral to a man who is cut,just a slight variation. In my opinion, IT'S ALL GOOD!

Swinging has been around for a long time. There were periods in ancient Rome when it was quite popular. Julia, the daughter of the Emperor Augustus was famous/infamous for her dalliances. People were always surprised that all five of her children looked just like her husband. She replied, "Well that's because I never take on a passenger unless I already have a full cargo," meaning that she waited until she was already pregnant before playing around. We are very lucky in our society to have control over our sexuality and procreation.

Decide what your swinging style is.

  • Closed: I don't want to be around when my partner is having sex with someone else
  • Open: I love to watch and I have to watch.
  • Soft: I want the appetizer to be otherskissing, heavy petting, etc. But, the main eventintercoursemust be with my partner
  • Voyeur: I just want to watch, I'll have sex when I get home.
  • Exhibitionist: I just want to perform for others. You can look, but don't touch.

All of these are acceptable behaviors. Just know what you want and be able to express it.



~ Miranda

black sex club


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