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I think somebody ought to complain. Have you seen that program Wife Swap? It is excruciatingly painful to watch. What were they thinking? Why would anyone want to swap a perfectly good wife for some nightmare from across the country? Nobody seems to be having any fun. Now swingers know what wife swapping is all about. We don't look for some creature so different from us that she spends the whole time criticizing the family and in general just making a nuisance of herself. We use swinger personals to match desire, attraction, need, and humor. Why find someone who wants to rearrange your kitchen cabinets, when you can have someone snuggle up and make you totally forget about the kitchen. Sigh, well, maybe the fall season will have something we can really enjoy. :-)

When dealing with uncut men, I always take more caution to pull the fore skin back with my hand to expose his crown/head. It's my understanding that uncut men are more sensitive around the head and rim. I always be sure that the stimulation I give him in that area isn't too much and that he is comfortable. I am always sure that my lips and mouth are dripping with saliva as I plasure him orally, the skin becomes very tight and I certainly do not want to rub him raw. The technique isn't that different from giving oral to a man who is cut,just a slight variation. In my opinion, IT'S ALL GOOD!

Rules are often set between partners prior to "swinging". "No means No" is a rule that ALL swingers should follow. But other rules can be set about respect, jealousy, privacy, and even code words or signs.

The #1 cause of jealousy issues in the lifestyle within couples is the feeling of being "left out" Are you receiving attention in the chat room? through messenger or email? What type of attention are you receiving and what about it upsets him? Communicate with him and decide together if anything can be changed to make him feel more comfortable/accepting of the attention you receive. If he is getting upset by the typical flirting which is exchanged then I agree that the both of you need to decide together if swinging is an avenue to explore at this time. If he becomes upset because you receive attention on cam or from those making crude remarks in messenger or email, make adjustments. Agree that camming for now is off limits and simply delete emails or refuse to chat with those who are making the crude comments. Of course for him to feel more included, he must be active. He must make himself available to receive compliments just as you are. But he must also understand that men will most always compliment more boldly than women. Communicate with him honestly and set guidelines on how to proceed. The lifestyle is about experiencing new and fun adventures but if the both of you are not having fun adjustments need to be made.

"Jealousy" can be a harsh reality in The Lifestyle. Both men and women should be on guard, as they could become jealous as soon as their swinging fantasy becomes a reality and they watch as their spouse begin to fondle or even flirt with another person. Many couples are able to work through the jealousy and get to a place where they really enjoy swinging.

"Male Swingers", whether married or single, often find The Lifestyle to be an amazing experience. Although women usually lead in "The Swinging Lifestyle", the man is often the one to introduce their wives and/or girlfriends to The Lifestyle. Often, men that are not active in The Lifestyle would be if only they could find a partner who was ready and willing. Guilt also plays a factor in stopping men and women alike from swinging.

While at a convention I ran accross the book, "The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities" by Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt (a pseudonym of Janet Hardy), and realized someone had written just what I believed in my heart; that it was possible to be free in my sexual behaviour while still maintaining an ethical standard.

This book is funny and smart and informative. Wikipedia has a whole article about it.

Here are some excerpts from the book:

"We are particularly in favor of multiple partners having a chance to meet each other, or at least hear about each other, to dispel our self-created mythology that the other person is younger, thinner, sexier, etc. You might be surprised, when you meet your lover's lover, to find the experience downright reassuring. "

"We believe that it is fundamentally a radical political act to deprivatize sex. So much oppression in our culture is based on shame about sex: the oppression of women, of cultural minorities, oppression in the name of the (presumably asexual) family, oppression of sexual minorities. We are all oppressed. We have all been taught, one way or another, that our desires, our bodies, our sexualities, are shameful. What better way to defeat oppression than to get together in communities and celebrate the wonders of sex? "

"A ring around the finger does not cause a nerve block to the genitals. "

"A slut shares her sexuality the way a philanthropist shares his money because they have a lot to share, because it makes them happy to share it, because sharing makes the world a better place. "

""Easy": Is there, we wonder, some value in being difficult? "

"It is amazing to us to think ... that most people in our culture have never had a chance to watch another person enjoy sex. No wonder we worry so much about our appearance. "



~ Miranda

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