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I think somebody ought to complain. Have you seen that program Wife Swap? It is excruciatingly painful to watch. What were they thinking? Why would anyone want to swap a perfectly good wife for some nightmare from across the country? Nobody seems to be having any fun. Now swingers know what wife swapping is all about. We don't look for some creature so different from us that she spends the whole time criticizing the family and in general just making a nuisance of herself. We use swinger personals to match desire, attraction, need, and humor. Why find someone who wants to rearrange your kitchen cabinets, when you can have someone snuggle up and make you totally forget about the kitchen. Sigh, well, maybe the fall season will have something we can really enjoy. :-)

"Swingers" can be found in every race and profession. All levels of education and ethnicities are present. Most swingers, however, are Caucasian, middle to upper middle socio-economic class, and married. Both married and unattached "swingers" often tend to be venturous, sophisticated, and social creatures. Most single women who join swing clubs find them to be a revitalizing substitute for the usual bar scene.

We all take a risk when inviting others into our lives in such an intimate manner. You must feel comfortable with yourself, but, equally important, you must fully understand that swinging IS NOT about seeking something better. The love that you share with your partner is what bonds you not the sex you have. If you doubt that you have a stable relationship I would advise you not to swing.

The first time I ever went to a swingers club, I didn't go there to swing. I was a professional BDSM switch and I used to occasionally work with a Mistress. She called me and asked if I wanted to do some public play with a cross-dresser from out of town. He could never go out dressed where he lived, so being seen by others was a great turn on.

He was tall with great legs. Cross-dressers always have the best legs. They make me jealous. He was all dressed up in heels and hose, in a red dress, with a blond wig. We went to 2Risque in Atlanta, Georgia. Everyone there was friendly and open to us doing a little BDSM play.

He sat down on a barstool and I took a 30 foot latex strap about 3 inches wide and tied him to the chair with his legs spraddled wide open. I then took a knife and cut off his hose, and played with him with various toys. The local swingers were kind enough to stop by, fondle him, and give him lots of sweet attention. We had a great time, and he went home very happy.

All women have the capability to squirt. Noticing the "feeling" and relaxation may be what is actually keeping her from doing so. It has been said that women do not ejaculate, that the fluid we pass is urine. It has been proven that although female ejaculate is produced in the urethra, it does not contain any trace of urine. It is colorless, ordorless and does not stain. Being a squirter myself, I have witnessed this colorless,odorless substance and the euphoric sensation it gives me in releasing it. Allow me to share with you the technique that works well in getting me there. Of course, we begin with foreplay. Much clit stimulation and finger insertion to greatly heighten my arousal. We then get into the doggie style position. This position enables him to very slowly massage just the inside of my vagina with his penis. Slow, even, steady strokes. I know that I am getting close to squirting when I feel a very strong urge to urinate. This is where relaxation is key. I relax and my knees buckle as I squirt and float to the clouds. I do not achieve this awesome feeling every time and thus far, only my husband has been able to get me there (Well one other swinging partner has gotten me there and we all were pleasantly surprised LOL) she may be the same way. It may take some practice, some exploration to determine what works best for her. She should always empty her bladder before trying. If nothing else, this will ease her mind and help her to relax when she gets that urge to urinate. When she does feel this urge,she needs to relax, not just her mind but her whole body. She should simply relax and tell herself..." What the hell, I'm letting go! If I squirt, I squirt. If it's urine, it's urine. Either one will clean up." You will both probably discover that she had just encountered her first squirting experience.

Many new swingers try "soft swinging" first, often times, without even intending on becoming swingers. A little alcohol between close, attractive friends is sometimes all it takes to spontaneously spark the swinging bug. "Soft Swinging" can include flirting with someone other than your partner, but only have sex with your partner. "Hard Swinging" comes into play when "sex partners" are exchanged or shared.

"Swing Clubs" are one of the best ways to get started in "swinging". There are many different types of "Swing Clubs" and "Swingers Groups". You can find them online and offline. Some charge and some are free. The online "Swingers Clubs" come in the form of personals, message boards, and even chat rooms. The offline "Swingers Clubs" can be anything from a group of swingers that meet in a private home to a full scale, full service club with hot tubs, lounges, bars, and sex rooms. Some swingers groups and clubs meet in local hotels or bars. Off-premise clubs are for meeting other swingers only. If you want to have sex with anyone, you must make arrangements to meet somewhere else. On-premise clubs have locations for you to engage in sex with the members or guests of the club or group.



~ Miranda

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